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So, since i saw someone asking like 2+ hours in xat chat about stuff i decided doing this FAQ. Feel free to link here if someone is having a lot of questions. I'm gonna write down as much as i know and i'll update it from time to time also feel free to add stuff via reply.

Just press "Ctrl+G" and then type in the desired number from the Index (examples "1.", "8."). I suggest you to type the number with the point otherwise it'll send you to wherever that number appears. I know it's not really useful yet but if it gets bigger it will be.


1. I'm new and i wanna play..
2. Rates, general infos about upgrades, stuff in game
3. How much penya are monsters dropping? / Is the stuff in shops cheap?
4. General info about pets
5. Where to get lvl 75+ weapons
6. Bonuses of 125 sets
7. Where to get 125 sets and skele weapons
8. What are the awakes like on this server?
9. What about the blessings?
10. Is there a PK server here?
11. Is it balanced (talking about donator and non-donator)
12. Will there be an update for v16 anytime soon?
13. What is the max level?


Question: I'm new and i wanna play but i don't know what to do..

Answer: click here


Question: What are the rates, upgrade chances, when will upgrades fail, what can be bought with penya?

Answer: click here


Question: How much penya are monsters dropping? / is the stuff in shops cheap?

Answer: Azria monsters are dropping like 15-20m / Yes it is pretty cheap. 1 xpro for 10m so you can already buy like 2 with one kill on azria.


Question: What are pets like in FlyForPower?

Answer: Pets CAN be 9/9/9/9/9 which would mean +250 str on a tiger. You can find eggs from monsters (they drop pretty often) and then hatch them..although if you get a lvl d5 pet that's kinda bad since max is d9 here so you should try to get lvl7 at least if you wanna go pvp (i strongly suggest to go for d9 from the start just buy it from another player if you dont wanna raise all these eggs -psst buy it from me o:-). Awakes for pets are 55 str/sta/int/dex, 25% pvp, 50%? adoch


Question: Where can i get lvl 75+ weapons and shields?

Answer: In Darkon.


Question: What are the bonuses of the 125 sets (since they have been changed)?

Answer: click here


Question: Where can i get 125 sets or skele, bloody, ancient etc. weapons?

Answer: For the 125 sets you either kill guan yu heavyblade (in traseia), buy it from other players or you buy it for vote points in the premium shop (of course you could just donate and buy it with premium points as well). For the skele, bloody ancient etc. weapons just go to the rares merchant (flaris) and buy a box (skele box, bloody box, ancient box etc.). Open it and hope to receive the weapon you want or simply buy it from other players (often cheaper)


Question: What are the awakes like on this server?

Answer: You can get negative awakes although that happens pretty rarely.

Max awakes on helemt: +55 str/sta/int/dex on one slot means you COULD get a total of 165 str/sta/int/dex

Max awakes on suit/weapon: I don't really know about that but i guess you can get up to 50% adoch, 10%+ attack speed, 55 str/sta/int/dex, 30+ block of melee/ranged attacks, 60% decrased casting time, 10%+ increased attack, 20%+ critical chance, 10%+ reflect and 25% damage increase during pvp on one slot.

Max awakes on gauntlet: 60% decrased casting time, 20%+ critical chance and 10%+ attack speed

Max awakes on boots: 50% adoch, 30%+ speed


Question: What about the Blessing of Cs items?

Answer: 15% adoch, +15 str/sta/int/dex, +500? hp/mp, +350? attack, 12%? critical chance, +55? Def and 20% speed


Question: Is there a PK server here?

Answer: No.


Question: Is it balanced (talking about donator and non-donator)?

Answer: Yes it is pretty much balanced, the only real advantage for donators is that they can buy cloaks which aren't buyable with vote points (Cloak of power for example), but you can still buy that in game from other players. And of course there are cloaks which you can buy with vote points as well (Cloak of hearts for example) although its bonuses are a bit weaker obviously.


Question: Will there be an update for v16 anytime soon?

Answer: Yes, Shadowkitty (the owner) is working on a custom improved v16 for us to enjoy. He has a lot to do at the moment though which means it'll take a while until he can provide it for us. So be patient and stay alert for any updates.


Question: What is the max level?

Answer: 130H, meaning you level up to 120 (99%exp) then make the master quest go down to level 60M and level up to 120M (99%exp) again. Then you do the hero quest and you'll be 121H.

..that's it for now, if you have anything to add just reply as i said above. Ty for your help and any criticism is welcome

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