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Bring Me Crystals!

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1Bring Me Crystals! Empty Bring Me Crystals! on Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:01 am


Oh! Good you're here, please listen to me closely. Let me explain you the situation we're in and why i need your help. Just some few hours ago our chemists found out about a very dangerous radiation coming from azria! It seems as if this radiation has no effect on humans but it's destroying Madrigal. On some further research they found out that this radiation is coming from 4 kinds of crystals which monsters are protecting. Furthermore they told me that if we combine these crystals they'll get harmless towards i'm begging you to collect 100 or more of every color for me..please! I can't take this task alone. Madrigal needs your help..what? You want a reward..Oh well fine i guess..

Timelimit: None!


- Collect 100 crystals of every color (green/red/blue/yellow)
- You can get them in azria if you kill monsters
- You may redo this as often as you want
- Bring the crystals to me (MrsGood) ingame and i'll give you your reward
- Aminus Box has a chance to contain 10 remantis laccotte though it's just a CHANCE
- Balloon is giving you +200hp for 5 days (there are different colors you can choose from)


For 100 crystals of every color you either get 1 Aminus Box or 1 Balloon.

Have fun collecting!

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2Bring Me Crystals! Empty Re: Bring Me Crystals! on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:20 pm


Lets hope they can do it , and good luck to all of you who try Wink

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